Daily Archives: August 20, 2007

Training for Ironman Korea – The Plan

Most people plan their Ironman races many months in advance.  The races often sell out within hours of opening, so some people know almost a year in advance that they will be doing a race on a specific day. Unfortunately, working for the World Bank I cannot plan my life a few months in advance as I never know what may come up. Many race directors have made money off me when I’ve been sent overseas and missed a planned race.

When I learned in late June that I would be on mission to China late August, and that there were slots available for the Asian Ironman Championship in Jeju Island, Korea, I decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss. The problem was how to train for an Ironman with less than two months, and a busy job. As well as a wife who would not let me do an Ironman. I’ve dealt with the latter here, so let me tell something about the training program.

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