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Marine Corps Marathon – 28/10/2007

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) started at 08:00, but I was up at 4:30 which gave me time to catch up on a few things. I was flying out to China at 18:00 in the afternoon, so wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I also used the opportunity to put a few finishing touches on the bathroom remodeling that Lis and I had been doing. I was responsible for the engineering; Lis the painting and with these last items done she could complete the painting. Best to do it before the race while I could still move …

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Nutrition for Endurance Races

Triathlons – or any race lasting over 1.5 hours – calls for an effective nutrition plan. Without this you may find yourself unable to complete the event or taking longer than necessary to recover.

 Your nutrition plan should cover three areas:

  • Pre-Race: Sufficient hydration and glycogen loading

  • During Race: Hydration, calories and electrolytes to keep going

  • Post-Race: Refuel with carbohydrates and protein to ensure recovery process

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Product Endorsement – Finis SwimMP3 Underwater MP3 Player

At the risk of offending swimmers, I find the sport mind numbingly boring. I’d rather be zooming around on my bike, running over hill and dale, than spending hours staring at a black line in the bottom of the pool. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. As do many triathletes. That’s why we aren’t very popular with some swim clubs, as well as the fact we can only do one stroke.

My sanity was saved by the creation of a very good underwater MP3 player. The Swim MP3 actually works. You wear it on your goggles and put its two speakers against your temples, not in your ears. Yes, you heard me right. For some reason anatomists would understand, the sound comes through crystal clear when you are under water even though you aren’t using your ears.

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Gear – My Mobile Phone/MP3 Player

Like many people, I enjoy listening to music while I run and bike. However, I must admit that with all the cyclists and other hazards of running on the paths here in D.C., I don’t like to run with an MP3 player and ear phones. If I do use them, I only put one in my ear so that I can at least hear them coming up behind me.

I recently solved that dilemma by purchasing a Sony Eriksson w300i cell phone. This not only plays MP3s, but it has a speaker on it. Le voila! I’ve solved the headphone problem. I now run with the phone either in my hand or in a phone holder on my hydration pack shoulder strap. Lets me enjoy the music while being able to hear others approaching. Also saves me carrying two devices since I always need a phone in case I need to call for Lis to collect me.


Training for the Marine Corps Marathon

While recovering from Ironman Korea I was mulling over what to do next. A friend, Viwe Mtshontshi, was running the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) with several others from church and she asked me to pace her. I decided that a marathon would be a nice way to end the season but rather than pace her I would try and qualify for Boston with a 3:30. I had run the MCM in 2003 and done 3:43 so with my residual fitness a 3:30 would be within the (remote) realm of possibility. And I mean very remote. After all, I only has six weeks to train.

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