Gear – My Mobile Phone/MP3 Player

Like many people, I enjoy listening to music while I run and bike. However, I must admit that with all the cyclists and other hazards of running on the paths here in D.C., I don’t like to run with an MP3 player and ear phones. If I do use them, I only put one in my ear so that I can at least hear them coming up behind me.

I recently solved that dilemma by purchasing a Sony Eriksson w300i cell phone. This not only plays MP3s, but it has a speaker on it. Le voila! I’ve solved the headphone problem. I now run with the phone either in my hand or in a phone holder on my hydration pack shoulder strap. Lets me enjoy the music while being able to hear others approaching. Also saves me carrying two devices since I always need a phone in case I need to call for Lis to collect me.


One response to “Gear – My Mobile Phone/MP3 Player

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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