Product Endorsement – Finis SwimMP3 Underwater MP3 Player

At the risk of offending swimmers, I find the sport mind numbingly boring. I’d rather be zooming around on my bike, running over hill and dale, than spending hours staring at a black line in the bottom of the pool. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. As do many triathletes. That’s why we aren’t very popular with some swim clubs, as well as the fact we can only do one stroke.

My sanity was saved by the creation of a very good underwater MP3 player. The Swim MP3 actually works. You wear it on your goggles and put its two speakers against your temples, not in your ears. Yes, you heard me right. For some reason anatomists would understand, the sound comes through crystal clear when you are under water even though you aren’t using your ears.


I had a version 1.0 of the Swim MP3 but managed to blow it up somehow in China. Finis kindly replaced it for $75 with a v 2.0 which is much better. It has more memory (still a measly 256 MB) and no longer requires a cable to recharge. The controls are also easier to use.

Highly recommended for those who don’t like to contemplate underwater black lines.


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