Product Endorsement – Zoot Triathlon Bag

To do a triathlon you have lug a lot of gear to the race. As a minimum: Swimming – goggles, wet suit, towel; Bike – helmet, sun glasses, shoes, socks, gloves; Running – hat, shoes. I say the minimum because there are also a lot of other things to remember like body glide, nutrition, race belt, timing chip, bike tools, etc. After lugging things around in different bags I saw someone with a Zoot Triathlon bag at a race and I was sold.


This was obviously designed by a serious triathlete. There is a compartment for your wet suit, which comes with a waterproof bag for storing it post-race until you get it home. There are large mesh zippered compartments for storing your other gear. There are lots of pockets and even a special place for your goggles. The front will hold your helmet and there are outside pockets for your shoes if the inside gets full or they are wet and need to dry off. One extra nice feature is that there is also a list on the inside of everything you need to remember to bring.

I keep my bag loaded up and ready to go with all the basics. That way I just add my wet suit, bike and running gear and don’t worry about the small things. They are not cheap – at over $100 – but worth the investment. When you are tired after a race and have a long walk it is very easy to carry as you push your bike reflecting on your day. You won’t regret having a Zoot Triahlon bag on your back.

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