Daily Archives: July 13, 2008

Ironman Switzerland

I decided to do my second Ironman race in Switzerland. After melting down in the heat of Ironman Korea last year, a race in more temperate climes held an attraction. With my transfer to working in the South Caucasus countries I also figured the logistics would be a lot easier. So on July 13th 2008 I found myself lining up to start a race in about 15 degree weather with rain. So much for wanting cooler temperatures – once should be careful what one wishes for …

I had three goals for the race: (i) finish; (ii) not to injure myself; and (iii) finish as well as I could given my fitness. I succeeded in (i) and (ii), and crossing the line with my long-suffering wife at 14:22.52 I can probably say that I even managed (iii). But talk about a long day …

Ironman Switzerland Finish

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