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Savageman Half Ironman Triathlon

Savageman advertises itself as one of the most difficult triathlons around:

How hard is the Savageman really? Am I Savage Enough? That is a question only you can answer. The bike course of the Savageman Half is extreme and is legitimately the toughest 56 mile bike in triathlon with 5800 feet of climbing nearly all gained in the middle 30 miles and 7 climbs with pitches in excess of 15%. It is a course that leaves no one unimpressed and no one unhappy, but it is also a course not to underestimate.

So how was it? Well, to begin with the above description misses the road section with a 31% grade (where the photo to the right was crb-westerport-2taken)…  After finishing I had a variation the old song which goes ‘What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours’ running through my head.  This one went ‘What a difference a course makes, just a few little mountains ….’  They were not kidding with their claim of the toughest bike ride. As the charts below show, I was able to average 20.7 mph last week on the Nation’s bike leg, barely getting below 16 mph, compared to 14.8 mph on Savageman with too much time below 5 mph. Ouch. And no, it wasn’t because I crashed or bonked. It was just one savage race …





Nation’s Triathlon


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The Nation’s Triathlon

Two years ago they ran the Nation’s Triathlon in Washington D.C. for the first time. I didn’t compete which was a good thing, as they cancelled the swim in the Potomac River due to the water quality – or lack thereof. Last year the race went ahead, including the swim, but I was unfortunately travelling so the race director got to keep my entry fee. I’m sure that the swim issue was resolved in no small measure due to the interest of Washington’s Mayor Adrian Fenty who is a keen triathlete – and a good one. He came in 10th last year.  I’m glad that I decided to try for the race yet again which is why I found myself early Sunday morning with another 2,387 competitors ready to take the plunge …

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