Treadmill Purgatory

Treadmills are mind numbingly boring at the best of times. There is a good reason why we use treadmills as a metaphor for boring work.  Today I managed to survive 2:40 on a treadmill – a 20 mile (32 km) run at 8:00 min/mile pace. It was tough but the weather in Yerevan was not conducive to an outdoors run.

Although there is no logical reason for it, boredom seems to be very non-linear. The first 10 miles was not too bad, the second was like a very slow countdown. Fortunately, I had the movie Rocky on my portable video player so he inspired me to hang in there for the last 5 miles. Next weekend will be better. I will either be in Toronto or Washington D.C. so I can do it outside. Much more interesting. Only one more long run then my favourite part of training – the taper.

I’m feeling better about Boston. After last week I decided that I had a chest infection so went to the chemist and, much to Lis’ horror, scored some antibiotics. My chest feels so much better, as do my sinuses, so I obviously have been battling something. The proof will come in 3 weeks when I see if my 2 to 3 day a week training program has me ready for the big race. I definitely do not have as many miles under my legs as I probably should have, but we will see how it goes on the day of the race.

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