Back in the Pool

With the Boston marathon less than a week away, I am tapering for the race. I was also starting on my training program towards Ironman Louisville so I figured it was a good time to get back in the pool again.  As I’ve written elsewhere it is the weakest of my three sports so I always need to work on it!

It is not like I have not been swimming at all, during my recent mission to Tbilisi I practiced in the pool at the Courtyard Mariott – which took 7 strokes to do length so it was not exactly huge. By comparison, the 25 yard pool at Washington-Lee High School was cavernous: 19 strokes to a length!

I loaded my underwater MP3 player with my Berlitz Russian Lesson, and started on the 12 week workout plan from the book ‘Swim Workouts for Triathletes‘. The first workout was Endurance/Form so I spent the time practicing my strokes. After 2350 yards I was reminded of muscles that I had long forgotten, but also how to count to ten in Russian 🙂

I’ve a lot to work on. Last November I went to a swim clinic run by a local coach Clay Britt who filmed me swimming.  He pointed out a number of errors that I need to work on – here is the three minute video with all my problems.  I’m going to work on one at a time and hopefully improve my technique over the next few months, as well as just getting my body ready for the 3.8 km swim in the Ironman race. Oh yes, and hopefully improve my Russian.

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