Daily Archives: April 28, 2009

On My Triathlon Bike Again

One of the challenges with my heavy travel schedule – you can read about it on my other blog worldbanktraveller – is the effect it has on my cycling. Not only do I not always have a bike with me, but when I do it is not my triathlon bike. Now, there is nothing wrong with non-triathlon bikes. They are great. I have Haines-pt-00184two road bikes which I love to ride, and my fixed gear bike is a real blast. But my triathlon bike is something special … it is fast. And I mean really fast. It also has a fundamental different riding position from other bikes so my body needs to get ‘dialled in’ to the aerodynamic position. With the Boston marathon behind me it was time to focus on cycling again, so my Cervelo P3 was tuned up and taken out for the first time in at least six months.

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