The Portable Swim Coach

As regular readers of my blog know, there are two certainties in my life: (i) I travel too much; and, (ii) I am a poor swimmer, although since doing my Total Immersion camp I have graduated from being absolutely pathetic to mere mediocrity. Due to my travel I have a very irregular swimming program: most hotels I stay at don’t have pools, or they are more like wading ponds than pools. It also means that I am unable to partake in regular swim coaching classes. Recently, I found a great tool which is perfect for my lifestyle: the ‘Future Dreams’ Swim Videos.

I stumbled across several sites which spoke highly of these videos. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were developed in New Zealand by Haydn Woolley, who at one stage held the fastest recorded Ironman swim time in the world for 8 years. It was fun to see the ‘Auckland Tepid Baths’ banner in one of the videos: that is a pool next to where I used to work some years ago in downtown Auckland.

The postage from their shop in NZ was on the high side but fortunately you can get the DVD from here in the USA for only $43 including shipping and handling.

The DVD has four strokes – but like most triathletes I’m a one stroke man … The DVD has two components for each stroke: swimming and drills. For the swimming the shots are taken at different angles, above and below the waterline, so you can see what the stroke should look like. There are also very helpful ‘Important Points to Note’ which give you key elements to focus on during the drill or while swimming. It is great the way that you can slow down the video and watch carefully.


The only problem is that you can’t run it from the hard drive, but that aside, it’s a great tool to improve your swimming. Then again, with a technique like mine I can only get better.


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