Online Triathlon Bookstore

Ever since I was young books have been among my best of friends. This is evidenced by the overflowing bookshelves that we have at home – my wife is also a bookophile.  There is nothing quite like sitting in a comfortable chair with a good book to read.  Over the years I have assembled a good collection of triathlon related books, but unfortunately with all my travelling I often don’t have access to them. That is where electronic books come in handy. While they don’t have anywhere near the same attractiveness as ‘real’ books have, at least when I’m on the road somewhere I can refer to them. For that reason I was very excited when I heard about the Mindset Triathlon online bookstore – offering digital copies of triathon related books.

There is a good collection of books on topics from swimming to running. The selection is much more limited than Amazon since not all publishers have their books available for download.  I was particularly pleased to see that they have Jack Daniels’ excellent book on running which I discussed in my blog post on how fast you should train during running.  It is ranked number 3 on their list of most popular books – should be number 1.

You can preview books which is very helpful. It lets you see whether in fact the book is of interest to you.

My top three recommendations?

I look forward to them expanding their selection over time. There is a great body of triathlon related literature around and the more that we can access digitally the better.

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