Running Tbilisi’s Hills

When it comes to running in Tbilisi flat is an abstract concept. Last week I ran my usual route and my knee was quite sore at the end after descending a very steep street. This week I decided to go in the counter clockwise, and also head further up into the hills along the road, rather than run along the trail the entire route.  After 1 km I started uphill and finished about 4 km later.  It was a great 15 km loop and much easier, even though I had several km of downhill sections where I was clocking 6 minute miles. Had to focus on technique – fast turnover – to be sure I didn’t injure myself. A good workout so I’ll remember that one in the future.



2 responses to “Running Tbilisi’s Hills

  1. Looks daunting. Any tips on running in Tbilisi? I’m a 30-year-old woman looking to run in the a.m. before work, and I’m trying to figure out how sketchy it will be to run on the street. Am I doomed to Tae Bo? I’m in Vake.

    • Not at all! For one thing, the Tbilisi’ites are not early risers so if you are out before 07:00 there is hardly anyone around and the traffic is light. I ran down Rustaveli avenue in the middle of the lane and had no problems at all. The key is to find a nice route which is not too hilly … can be very hard on the knees. You should also check out the hash house harriers as they do runs every other Sunday outside of the city.

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