Product Endorsement – Alkaline Pills

If discussing body functions disturbs you do not read any further.

At Ironman Louisville I met Murray outside the race expo. He had set up a ‘gorilla marketing’ booth on the street corner to sell his pH balancing pills called ‘Extreme Endurance’. My wife Lis and I stopped and chatted and she (as the nurse and medical boffin in the family) got into a deep discussion with Murray  and his assistant. The basic theory they explained is that during exercise, especially extreme races like Ironman, the body goes acidic due to the use of muscle glycogen which produces lactic and pyruvic acids.  Their pills work against this by releasing acid buffers into the small intestine.

The first rule of competition is *never* try anything new on race day. However, Lis was convinced that this would help me with the chronic bowel problems that I get after—and sometimes during—every race.  After being reassured that they would be totally benign I decided to give them a go. For the first time every after a marathon, half or full Ironman race I had absolutely no bowel problems whatsoever.  I also recovered from the race in three days, but this may also be due to other factors.

These Extreme Endurance pills will now be a regular part of my race and hard training diet. Give them a try. You may be as pleasantly surprised as I was. There are more details on their web site You can contact Murray at phitpills[at]

2 responses to “Product Endorsement – Alkaline Pills

  1. Great News-
    That is a no sh*t ringing endorsement for better
    body function and performance. How did it affect your finish time? Marathons speak to negative splits in their events and the ability to augment pH balance in the body is huge for general well being and rest. Thanks for taking the risk! -Murray

    • Murray. Unfortunately, my stomach problems affected my times so there is no negative split or ‘proof’ that I went faster. However, not having a raging bowel or any post-race problems show intuitively that they helped. Now if I could only stop my stomach shutting down I would be a truly happy camper.

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