Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

My Last Ride in Georgia (Hopefully Just For Now!)

It looks like next year I will phasing out of the South Caucasus to  work elsewhere for the Bank so I decided that this trip I would take my bicycle with me back to the USA. My next trip will be in November when it will be too late for cycling outside anyway. When I arose on Saturday and saw the brilliant blue sky, with the peaks of the Caucasus mountains in the distance I knew that it was time for a road trip—my last one for a while, but hopefully not forever.


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P90X – Week 2

Week 2 should have been easier than week 1. Emphasis on the word should. Some things are getting better – I have doubled the number of chin-ups I can do (I won’t say more than it was starting at almost the lowest possible base number greater than 0), but the workouts are still very challenging.

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