P90X – Week 2

Week 2 should have been easier than week 1. Emphasis on the word should. Some things are getting better – I have doubled the number of chin-ups I can do (I won’t say more than it was starting at almost the lowest possible base number greater than 0), but the workouts are still very challenging.

Day 8 – Core Synergistics

This is a very hard workout and I still can’t complete it. I had to do it in my hotel room (others were in the gym) which was too small – kept on whacking the furniture. Anyway, did my best but was not satisfied.

Day 9 – Cardio X

Flew to Yerevan this morning so did the workout in the evening. Did an easy three mile run on the treadmill and some skipping before getting into the workout. Second time around some of the moves were easier, but I’m still un-coordinated with the backward kicks. Unfortunately there was a fellow in the gym so there were witnesses to my poor form.

Day 10 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Was in the gym early morning. The routine was again easier than before, although I am still using light weights. It’s a good routine, just wish I wasn’t so trashed by it—particularly the ab ripper.

Day 11 – Yoga X

Needed some more cardio so did a 7 mile run at 8:30 to warm up for my long yoga session. I’m toying with the idea of running the Athens marathon in six weeks so need to get a few miles under my legs after my three weeks off since Ironman Louisville. Did the entire 90 minutes of yoga. There were a couple of positions that I couldn’t hold, and I’m embarrassed by my stiffness, but I survived. My favourite pose is always at the end – dead man’s pose – where I felt like falling asleep.

Day 12 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Had a crazy day when this was scheduled – including flying Yerevan-Tbilisi – so I had to postpone it until Day 14. The gym at the SAS Radisson Hotel in Tbilisi was not open yet so had to make do with just my bands.  I made the mistake of doing it immediately following Kenpo X so was quite trashed.  Bailed on the Ab Ripper X intending to do it later. But good intentions are the road to damnation…

Day 13 – Kenpo X

The day was absolutely beautiful with blue skies and the Caucasus mountains on the horizon. Decided that it was better to go for a ride so I headed out on my bike and did a 110 km ride. As you can see from below it was a bit hilly 🙂 Forgot to turn my GPS on at km 86 so I didn’t ride off a cliff … What a great day.


Did the Kenpo-X on Day 14 instead. I really like this workout, although my Karate style is pathetic. In fact, I shouldn’t even call it style. The only problem I have is with my right knee which still is a bit sensitive to the twisting. Still, after four knee operations I shouldn’t complain. 

Day 14 – X Stretch

Today was my make up day so I did Kenpo-X and then Legs & Back. Two weeks down and still at it. Only ten weeks to go!


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