P90X – Week 3

I managed to do 13 of the 14 workouts scheduled in the first two weeks which was a pleasant surprise considering I was travelling so they spanned Istanbul, Tbilisi, Yerevan and back to Tbilisi. This was another week as a moving target with Tbilisi, Munich and then home to Washington D.C. Managed 5 of the 7 workouts.

Day 15 – Core Synergistics

I managed to persuade them to let me have access to the Radisson hotel gym. It is not open for three days but I thought it would be better place than my room. Great in theory, except I hadn’t allowed for the fact that the place had not bee cleaned so lots of dust anywhere. Kind of detracted from the workout with the sneezing …

Definitely getting better, although it is very marginal. For the first time I was able to do the entire workout, except for the rolls which are not good for my back. The goal now is to improve form and the number of repetitions.

Day 16 – Cardio X

For a change I decided to try the Polymetrics workout. What a great—and hard—workout that is! Lots of squats, jumping, etc. I wonder why it is not part of the ‘Lean’ program.

Day 17 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Due to the travel had to do this day out of sequence.  It is such a hassle having to change places all the time as I can’t get the right, or same, weights every time. The bands work, but they are a poor substitute to a good set of free weights. Anyway, persevered and did the exercise and it went OK all things considered. The Ab Ripper is still horrible, and there is one move that I cannot do, but I am getting better.

Day 18 – Yoga X

I was in Munich this day so decided to skip the Yoga and go for a run. Did 15 km along the Isar river. It was a perfect autumn day made for running. Nice to be outside again.


I did the routine three days later after Kenpo X. Getting better but still a few balance moves which are just too difficult to even try. Perhaps in my next life I’ll have some agility and flexibility 🙂

Day 19 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Couldn’t fit this in with my travelling.

Day 20 – Kenpo X

I am feeling a lot better about this routine which is definitely my favourite.

Day 21 – X Stretch

A lovely autumn day beckoned so I went for a 2.5 h bike ride instead. Next week is recovery week with lots of stretching 🙂


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