P90X – Week 4

Time is passing quickly! I am now into week 4 which is a recovery week. The thing is, it doesn’t look *that* different to the previous three weeks. The only change is no strength training. Whew.

Day 22 – Yoga X

I decided to do a 10 mile run today as it was perfect autumn weather. I tried on some new shoes – K-Swiss Konas. Very light and very fast, but unfortunately not enough padding for a guy with four knee operations. Pity as they are the most comfortable that I have found. Did the Yoga X the following day and it was well needed as my muscles were very sore from the previous days pounding.  Made a huge difference.

Day 23 – Core Synergistics

Had to give this a miss as I was coming down with cold and had the energy of a wet rag.

Day 24 – Kenpo X

Cold is under control so gave Kenpo a go. Definitely getting much more co-ordinated with this, my favourite routine. Still not ready for a bar fight though!

Day 25 – X Stretch

Nice to have this semi-relaxing workout. Always reminds me how I need to do more work on my left leg, particularly the IT Band. As a massage therapist once told me, she had seen bow strings that were less tight than my IT Band. Hopefully over time this will help.

Day 26 – Cardio X

It may be that I’m racing a marathon in four weeks so I decided that since it was a cardio day I’d go for another run instead. I planned on 14 miles but ended up doing 16 as I miscalculated the return distance. Ran along the Custis Trail towards D.C. and then across the Key Bridge to Georgetown. From there it was along the C&O Canal towpath towards Great Falls. I returned via Glebe Road, including the extremely steep hill on the Virginia side from Chain Bridge. On the trail I met up with my triathlete friend Taneen who joined me for part of the run. It was great to have her along as she is such fun. She was considering doing the Richmond Marathon in a few weeks to qualify for Boston again in April. Although I’ve qualified for Boston thanks to my 3:27 this year, I won’t run it again. Twice is enough for any race. After the run I was stiff and sore, as well as very hungry having miscalculated my nutrition. I inhaled a great breakfast that Lis had kindly prepared for me. She spoils me – which I like 🙂

Day 27 – Yoga X

Twice in one week. Whew! This is a really hard (and long) Yoga routine, but I am improving. It is now down to only one move that I cannot do—the crane. Would probably break my neck.

Day 28 – X Stretch

It was another glorious autumn  day so went out for a 7.5 mile interval run. Did 6 x 0.5 miles at 6:10 min/mile pace which were mighty hard work. My running fitness needs a lot of work. However, I am ever the optimist so enrolled in the Athens Classic Marathon today. Gives me four weeks to the day in order to get ready for it.  I figure that the first 18 miles will be the easy ones 🙂 The X Stretch was greatly appreciated as I rounded off the day. Problem is that I am now back to the proper training since my rest week is over.


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