P90X – Week 5

Hard to believe that I have completed four weeks of P90X, with only a few missed workouts.  Last week was a rest week so now I am back into the harder training. They claim that after this phase of the program “you should start to feel very strong and ready to pump more iron (or stretch more rubber!).” We will see. The biggest challenge is juggling the routine around the travel and training for the Athens marathon.

Day 29 – Core Synergistics

This is a good workout but I used too heavy a weight for one of the movements so have a very sore neck at the end of the day. Hopefully will pass soon. After the workout I had to meet Lis and I messed up the time so did a 30 minute sprint on my bike to get there. I surprised her by arriving a lot sooner than she expected 🙂

Day 30 – Cardio X

Did this first thing in the morning. Helped with my sore neck. However, after a month I think that this is too easy a routine.  I think I’ll replace it with the Polymetrics which is more of a challenge.  Did a six mile tempo run home after work.

Day 31 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab Ripper X

My lack of upper body strength was one of the reasons I wanted to try P90X and this routine shows that I have a lot of work to do …

Day 32 – Yoga X

I drove Lis to the airport with Tia the cat for their return trip to NZ so was not able to do my Day 31 workout. Decided to do Day 32 in the evening instead. I’m definitely a morning exerciser. I was very flat for the routine – blame it on being awake from 02:00.

Day 33 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Note to self. Don’t do this workout a day after running 20 miles.  My legs were still tired from yesterday’s effort so doing lots of leg exercises were more of a challenge than usual. Anyway, got through it OK even though I was counting down the minutes throughout!

Day 34 – Kenpo X

I’m improving at this each time – my co-ordination is getting much better! My parents watched my efforts, which was most embarrassing. Then again, they don’t know what it’s supposed to look like and at least I didn’t tumble.

Day 35 – X Stretch

Was in Toronto and had a massage by my Russian Masseur Alan instead. I think X-Stretch would have been less painful 🙂

One response to “P90X – Week 5

  1. Hey, great job sticking to P90X. Phase 2 is harder IMO. ANd you will get stronger. Good Luck

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