Product Endorsement – Drymax Socks

I was in my favourite running shop for some shoes and was surprised by the array of socks that were available.  What was noticeable was that they did not have what I have found to be by far the best socks: drymax. The really are the best kept secret of endurance athletes.

I was first introduced to them at the 2007 Boston Marathon where they had a booth at the run expo. They had a very unusual way of demonstrating the socks: they were submerged into water, wrung out and then you would feel them to be quite dry.  The salesman explained that they have a special moisture removal system which draws the moisture away from your feet. Although I am extremely sceptical of demonstrations like this, I was intrigued enough to buy three pairs.

Having trained and raced in them now for two years I am convinced that they are ideally suited for endurance athletes.  At the end of my races my feet no longer look like well soaked prunes, and they feel relatively good. When I have to use other socks they are not as comfortable.

When I went to Boston this year I was disappointed not to find a booth. When I mentioned this on my blog Drymax kindly sent me some replacement socks … but that is not why I recommend them!

They have two versions: regular and “Maximum Protection” the latter are orange and are my favourites with lots of padding and as the name implies, maximum moisture extraction. However, the regular are also very comfortable.

The only problem with them is finding a local shop to buy them … It’s a real shame that they don’t have wider distribution. At least we can get them online.

Drymax. Give them a try. I’m sure you’ll appreciate them.


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