P90X – Week 7

This week started in Orlando Florida where I was speaking at the International Road Federation Road Maintenance workshop and ended back in Washington D.C.. It’s a real treat when I can do these workouts not constrained by a small hotel room and I had both extremes this week: avoiding the bed and dresser in my tiny hotel room to having a great large area in my friend’s basement. It was also one of the more dysfunctional weeks in terms of being able to follow the program as I was leaving the following week overseas, lots of meetings, as well as travel within the US. Still, I managed to get six of the routines done as well as a long run and some riding of my bike so I can’t really complain.

Day 43 – Core Synergistics

I did some rope skipping to warm up. I’ve definitely improved to no end with this but still can only do two legged skipping.  It’s a good workout and I’ve mastered most of the routines. Just wish I had more weights on hand.

Day 44 – Polymetrics

I’m glad I replaced the Cardio X with this one as it is a much harder workout. Quite challenging to do in the small confines of a hotel room in Florida!

Day 45 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab Ripper X

This is an unusual workout insofar as there are no repetitions. You have just under one hour of continually changing exercises, which-at least for me—totally trashed my arms.  Did it after a hard bike ride so had a good total body workout. Skipped the Ab Ripper X for a change. Too tired after the end of a hard day at work, the ride and this.

Day 46 – Yoga X

Did a longish run instead as I taper for Athens marathon next week. Ran home from work at night along the C&O Canal tow path. Glad I had a torch with me as it was DARK.  Did this on Day 49 instead of stretching—Yoga X gives me quite a good stretch! Unfortunately I’ve not noticed any increase in my flexibility, but it does remind me just how tight my left IT band is. Hope it copes with Athens.

Day 47 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

The legs and back is a routine which I have really felt major improvements with. I’m able to increase the number of repetitions and/or the load quite a bit from a few weeks ago. The main problem is that I am ‘camping’ at a friend’s house and only have my bands and one set of relatively light free weights to us. Still, better than nothing.

Day 48 – Kenpo X

This is such a fun exercise—especially with my improvements in co-ordination—that it just goes so quickly.

Day 49 – X Stretch

Skipped this one having done Kenpo X and Yoga X on the same day!


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