P90X – Week 8

Week 8 is a recovery week with the focus on stretching and Yoga. The timing is perfect—I’m running the Athens Classic Marathon on the last day of the week—so the more stretching the better! Having said that, it isn’t all easy. I found this quote on with regard to Yoga X: it is “is a 90 minute sonuvabitch that I hate. I have to be honest, I only do this video occasionally. I really hate it, not because it’s not ineffective, but because I’m inflexible and hate it.” So it is recovery but not easy…

Day 50 – Travel

I was flying out to Vienna in the afternoon and just couldn’t fit the workout in.

Day 51 – Yoga X

Did a 3 mile run in the gym at the hotel and then half of Yoga X. I should try and count how many hotel rooms I’ve done this in …

Day 52 – X Stretch

Another day, another hotel room. This time Iasi Romania. My flexibility is increasing, but the left IT band is still a worry.

Day 53 – Kenpo X

I love the way that this workout goes so quickly. Just wish that I hotel rooms came larger!

Day 54 – X Stretch

In Athens now. Smallest hotel room of the trip! Not enough room to swing a cat.

Day 55 – Yoga X

My final workout before the marathon and it felt good. The pain in my back has subsided so I feel ready for tomorrow – at least in terms of muscle tightness. Having marathon fitness is another story!

Day 56 – Athens Marathon

A good excuse for not doing my X-Stretch!


One response to “P90X – Week 8

  1. Great daily Activities…!
    Thanks for sharing

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