P90X – Week 9

I did the Athens Classic Marathon on the last day of week 8 so took off Days 57/58 to recover. Fortunately, this week is mainly focusing on upper body so my trashed legs get a bit of a break. Emphasis on the term ‘a bit’. In the end with the recovery and travel I managed to get four of the seven workouts in. Next week will be a wash out as I’m travelling back to the USA and then finishing up work before moving to New Zealand. Would be nice not be be a moving target.

Day 59 – Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

This was an excellent routine to get back into P90X after my marathon. Unfortunately I was in yet another hotel room and had to use my bands which is never as good as free weights. However, still a good workout. I really suffered in the Ab Ripper X as my quadriceps are still feeling the effects of Sunday’s exertion.

Day 60 – Polymetrics

Glad I substituted this for Cardio-X as it is a much more challenging, and fun, routine.  Since I couldn’t fit it in on the correct day I did it on the Sunday as part of a double header with Kenpo-X. Makes for quite a good workout!

Day 61 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Did this the day I was flying out from Yerevan. Or the morning. The flight for Vienna leaves at 05:00 and we have to leave the hotel just after 03:00 so pulled an all nighter. What better to do at midnight than go to the gym? Surprisingly there were two other madmen there. Increased the weights and so had completely numb arms, but survived the routine. Ab Ripper X went much better, although I was still feeing my quads. Did the whole routine with typically bad form.

Day 62 – Yoga X

Couldn’t fit this one in unfortunately.

Day 63 – Kenpo X

After Polymetrics, my favourite routine. Probably because it doesn’t use my arms too much 🙂 As I mentioned above, I did this one following on from Polymetrics. For some reason I didn’t have the normal energy and enthusiasm.  Blame it on jet lag…


One response to “P90X – Week 9

  1. Hi Chris,
    Love the blog! And love the P90X review! I did two rounds of P90X before I got into Triathlon and it helped me tremendously. Especially the strength I gain in my core. Keep up the great work and I am going to link your blog up to mine.

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