P90X – Week 10

I fell off the wagon this week and ended up only doing two of the workouts. Had a good excuse—I spent three days in Washington finishing up my work and then flew to New Zealand so a combination of work demands, travel and jet lag just proved too much for me. So I started the workout the following week—just means it will be P97 rather than P90.

I did, however, have a real breakthrough. My wife Lis exclaimed “you’ve got arm muscles!” as I was lugging around a heavy box. She said that this was a reminder of when I was doing my PhD and had to hammer into the road hundreds of nails every day. My right arm ended up looking a bit like Popeye. Anyway, nice that there is some noticeable outcome from my 9 weeks of work.

Day 64 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

I had more problems this week than last time—possibly due to my doing this workout after two days of moving house. It was humiliating when the movers arrived as they were able to single handed move furniture which I could barely budge, but when my wife mentioned that I raced Ironman triathlons they were impressed. I may have dweeb arms but I’ve a good cardio engine. It really is a very challenging workout and by the end of it my arms are actually numb. And that is with a light weight!

Day 65 – Polymetrics

I went for a 20 mile bike ride before the workout. I hadn’t been on a bike for at least a month, and there were a lot of hills, so it was a bit of a challenge—and that was before I included the strong head winds! But it was so great being back on my bike that it didn’t matter, until I started Polymetrics when my legs had no oomph. Still, it’s a great workout. What is extra nice is that I’m in our new home and not a hotel room so lots of room to move about. Just had to make sure I didn’t leave a sweat puddle on the living room floor.

Day 66 – Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X

Whew. I sure felt my break when it came to doing pull ups. Glad that the furniture movers were not around to see me wimp out. But at least I was able to do almost all of the Ab Ripper X!

Day 67 – Yoga X

For some reason it was as if I hadn’t been doing this workout for the last nine weeks: I was very stiff. Blame it on over travel – and moving!

Day 68 – Core Synergistics

It was nice to come back to this routine again—and not to be doing it in a hotel room. My core still needs work, but it is definitely a lot better than when I started.

Day 69 – Kenpo X

I skipped this workout and did Core Synergistics on Day 69 instead. I had a Sprint Triathlon to do on Day 70 so decided that I needed to get in the pool again. Had not been swimming for three months since Ironman Louisville. The swim was grim, but I managed to flail my way through 1 km at the very nice local pool in Richmond. Then did 60 km on my bicycle to also get familiarised with cycling again—I have been travelling quite a bit lately! Both efforts reminded me how triathlons use fundamentally different muscle groups than the P90X are working on.

Day 70 – Rabbit Island Sprint Triathlon

OK. It was supposed to be X-Stretch but when there is a triathlon only 15 minutes from where I live I opted for that instead.  I’ve never done a Sprint race before—800 m swim, 22 km ride and 5.25 km run (strange distances) and I have not done any triathlon training for three months so I went out just for fun. The swim was extremely poor—even for me—in part because it was in a cold ocean and Chris forgot to take a hit of his asthma inhaler before getting in so had trouble breathing. At least I wasn’t last out of the water, but almost!  The ride was OK with an average speed of 19.7 mph and I smoked the run with a 7:12 pace. It was a fun race and a reminder that I need to get back on my bike and in the pool more. My running always pulls me through. Anyway, time to break out the training program for Ironman Australia at the end of March and somehow integrate it with P90X for the next three weeks.


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