P90X – Week 11

Ten weeks down so only three more to go. With triathlon training also starting up again it is a challenge to balance the demands.  I’ve got about 16 weeks to get ready for Ironman Australia at the end of March, and for at least four of those I will be travelling so there will be no biking.  At least in three weeks the P90X will be over so I can concentrate on Ironman training. I could only fit in four of the P90X workouts this week so I focused on the main strength ones.

I am using the Endurance Nation Ironman training program again and this week was one of testing my current fitness levels. It is clear that the P90X program has helped. I did a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on the bike—it is only the fourth time I’ve rode in over a month. The test came out at 236 watts where normally at this stage of the season (after three months lay off of hard work) I would be around 200-210 watts. I guess all those squats have helped! Now I just need to translate that into some long ride fitness.

Day 71 – Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

I have improved in so many areas over the last ten weeks—especially push ups—but I am still not doing well at pull ups. I will have to keep working on these. The Ab Ripper X is now completely doable.

Day 72 – Polymetrics

I did my FTP test in the mid-afternoon and then had a two hour break before polymetrics. Suffice to say that my legs were somewhat trashed when I started and I found the routine very, very hard. To inspire me I played the DVD ‘Mama Mia’ which was a real laugh and good distraction from the suffering I was going through. Hope I’m in as good shape as Meryl Streep is in 10 years when I turn 60!

Day 73 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Like many of the routines, I’ve learned to like it over the last ten weeks, although at the end of the routine my arms are numb and feel like they have fallen off.  The ab ripper X is still brutal. Must be good for me…

A few hours after P90X I did a 1 km swim time trial before cycling 27 km home. Yes, badly planned as my arms were still a bit trashed for a swim time trial, but one does what one can when trying to balance triathlon training and P90X!

Day 74 – Yoga X

Couldn’t get the time to do this one unfortunately.

Day 75 – Core Synergistics

One of the most impressive aspects to the P90X program is just how challenging it is. As ones fitness improves one either does more repetitions or else uses higher weights. I’ve never done a program like this which I haven’t grown out of or tired with relatively soon. An example of this was today’s workout. I was using a higher weight and aiming for more repetitions with the push ups and it was really challenging. My wife was watching me do the workout while ironing and chuckling at the deep breathing (OK – panting is more accurate) and how much I was sweating (at least I had a mat out for that!). This led her to comment “it would be fascinating to know what drives you”. The second person to ask me that question in the last month (but not the first time for her). Not an easy one to answer … will have to it in a future blog posting.

Day 76 – Kenpo X

I needed a rest day so Kenpo X had to go.

Day 77 – X Stretch

Did a three hour 80 km bike ride instead.


5 responses to “P90X – Week 11

  1. That is cool to hear that P90X is working for somebody who was already in shape. Good luck with your triathlon.


  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for using our training plan. I’m considering giving P90x a whirl. I have no triathlon goals so was going to do the P90x stuff, minus any cardio, and work my normal running and cycling routine around it.

    I have a lifting and USMC background, but the idea of doing stuff like this in my living room just doesn’t appeal to me. We’ll see!


    • Hi Rich,

      The P90X is a great complement to your excellent IM training plan – if you can fit in the hours! I’ve 13h of IM training this week and so with 6-7 as well for P90X it is a bit much given my work demands, our moving into a new home, and my long suffering wife! Depending which plan you select (I’m on the lean) there isn’t that much cardio work. For example, while the Polymetrics is a cardio routine, I think it has really helped with my flexibility (and definitely co-ordination). So I think that the P90X is ideal for the off season, but get it over with before you start your build to racing. Anyway, off on my bike for my one hour bike ride (with 2 x 12′ @ FTP) followed by a run. At least I’m in my second to last week of P90X!

  3. I was always a bit skeptical about trying to shoehorn in a gym session into my week but I think the advice of one of the old guys at the club sums things up perfectly:

    Squats = Strength, Strength = Faster times
    So get doing some damn squats.

    • I think that is right. In fact, one of the reasons I like the Polymetrics is all the jumping and squats. I think that is one reason why I was able to get a higher than usual Functional Threshold Power for this early in the season. So yes, I will keep up the P90X, shoehorning it into my week!

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