Cable Bay Triathlon

My wife Lis was perched on the top of a hill where she could watch the ocean swim. There were two other spectators with binoculars. With the waves coming in they could see the swimmers being tossed about, and then gradually being strung out as they headed NE towards the turn around buoy.  Lis took offense when they laughed saying that one swimmer had missed the turn around buoy and kept going. “Easy for you to say – you aren’t out there”, not realizing that the poor swimmer was her husband …

Regular readers of this blog know that I am not a strong swimmer at the best of times. Being tossed about in the ocean like I’m in a tumble dryer does not help.  I was wearing my new Garmin 310XT watch which recorded the positions below using its GPS which gives an idea of my abilities to swim a straight line during the swim 🙂


Truth be told the watch continuously lost GPS signals (blame the waves) so it was extremely inaccurate, but it makes a nice story.

Anyway, the single kayaker out there caught up with me about 50-75 m past the buoy and told me to turn around. I was miffed since I had such a bad swim two weeks ago, but just put my head down and swam back. At least there was no problems finding my bike as I was dead last.

I was pleased to be on the bike and road slightly harder than last time. I’ve been able to put a few miles in on the bike and am feeling more comfortable. It was a windy day which made for hard going, but after the swim it was great being back on dry land. I passed quite a few people but one guy passed me.

The run was a confusing course—so much so that after the race the organizers asked people to confess who had made mistakes thereby reducing the distance so their times could be adjusted. There was one serious hill but the run went well.

I was 11th on the bike, only beaten by men 20-39 and one fellow in the 40-49 age group. 15th on the run, but my swim time gave me 20th overall. Conclusions: work on the swim more and keep up the bike and run work!

These are great races, in spite of my swim issues, and I’m fortunate to be in a place where I can race and be finished by 10:00 to have a full on rest of the day!


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