P90X – Week 13: The End is Nigh!

When I started P90X I created 13 weeks of posts in Windows Live Writer (BTW: if you don’t use it check it out – a great tool for blogging), each containing seven days of workouts. So each week I would just open the week’s workout. Since it was over three months ago that I started P90X I had long forgotten what each week’s workout contains. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to find Monday morning that the worst is over! Week 13 is a tapering week with lots of Yoga … and no pull ups 🙂 I need it since, as I blogged last week, I’m pretty fatigued now that Ironman training has started.

Day 85 – Yoga X

Did a 30 km bike ride to/from the pool and then an hour of swimming in the morning so Yoga X was a nice evening exercise while I chatted with Lis as she worked on the computer. My physio and associated exercises working on the IT Band have really helped.

Day 86 – Triathlon Training

I opted for three hours of triathlon training this day, and postponed the core synergistics the following day. Rode my bike 30 km to Nelson where I had an excellent one hour swim training with Lionel. My form has really suffered since I did the Total Immersion course five years ago so Lionel is taking me back to basics to try and iron out my problems. I knew it was effective by all the sore muscles I had the following day! On the ride home I did 2 x 15” @ FTP, as well as keeping as much of the 2 h ride as possible at 90% FTP or above. And the core synergistics? Went well … I did an 8 km run as a warm up and then aced the routine.

Day 87 – Core Synergistics

Did this in the evening after an 8 km run. Was definitely not firing on all cylinders for the run, probably too close to dinner. Started to core synergistics but got part way through before deciding that it was not a good idea to continue. Going to have quite the make up day tomorrow!

Day 88 – Kenpo

Had the day off work so made it a long day.  Had another swim lesson so cycled the 65 km ride to/from the lesson. Did cadence drills where I did about 85-90% of FTP with 3 minutes each at 70/80/90 RPM.  On the way back did some FTP training with 15 and 20 minutes at FTP.  The 1 h in the pool went well. Lionel has given me a lot to think about and work on over the next month until we can get together again. When I got home I did Core Synergistics and then Kenpo, understandably I was a bit tired so didn’t do as well as I would have liked. With over 4.5 h of exercise before lunch I’m ready for a nap.

Day 89 – Polymetrics

I’m going to keep on doing this exercise. It is actually fun.

Day 90 – Yoga X

Did a 17 km run instead.

Day 91 – X Stretch

My last day – and celebrated with a 120 km bike ride 🙂 Time to check out the final results …


2 responses to “P90X – Week 13: The End is Nigh!

  1. It sounds like you are making good progress and enjoying your workouts. I have been using the P90X and other Beachbody products for a few months now and I love it! I have found that I have become addicted to working out. I would have never thought.

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  2. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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