P90X – It Really Worked!

I have now gone through 90 days of training with P90X (although it has taken longer than 90 days due to travel interruptions and falling off the wagon for a week).  So the question now is what difference did it make? If you watch the infomercial they make all sorts of grandiose claims about how it will transform you. Given that I was fit when I started – I had just finished Ironman Louisville with a 12:18 finish time and did a 3:27 in the Boston Marathon – did it make any difference? In a word, yes. In three words. A big difference…

When you start the P90X program they have you do a baseline test. This involves a series of measurements as well as doing some tests, like how high you jump, pull ups, push ups, etc.  It is also suggested that we post for photos … but I’m a data driven engineer so here are the numbers only.

Functional Tests: These are tests of agility and strength.





Sitting Toe Touch (cm) -9.5 7.5 A sign of my lack of flexibility, I could not touch my toes when I started and can now go 7.5 cm past – a 17 cm improvement!
Vertical Leap (cm) 22.5 27.0 I can jump 4.5 cm higher
In-Outs 44 120 Big improvements to core strength!
Push Ups 40 60 Much better for a triathlete with dwebe arms
Pull Ups 2 11 Yes, I know I need to keep working on this, but it’s much better than before!
Bicep Curls 30 44 Again, much better
Wall squats 3:00 3:10 Not much better, but I had strong quads before thanks to Ironman


Physical measurements: I’ve thinned out and developed lean muscle—to be expected given I chose the ‘Lean’ program. No change to the arms – but my wife says that they are more toned and she should know. She is complaining about the reduction on body fat as I am more lumpy when hugging.




Body Fat (%) 12.5 9.0
Waist (cm) 88 83
Chest (cm) 96 98
Hips (cm) 88 87.5
Thigh R (cm) 51.5 53
Thigh L (cm) 52.5 54
Bicep R (cm) 31 31
Bicep L (cm) 30.5 31

Conclusion: P90X works! I am leaner, stronger and more flexible than when I started. It’s been a long haul but it is really nice to see the results.It’s a great program and more than fulfilled my expectations. Thanks to Tony and the crew for P90X! Now  I will have to come up with how to maintain my gains over triathlon season.


5 responses to “P90X – It Really Worked!

  1. great results. the only thing that’s holding me back is the amount of time you need to dedicate to the program…

    • Yes, it does take a lot of time – 6-7 h/week. For triathletes it is a really good off season program. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the change from my regular three sport training, and it is much more fun than going to the gym and lifting weights (at least for me). My biggest problem was when it overlapped with my IM training program (racing in March) and I was trying to do both. Being typical Type A triathlete I just integrated the two programs which led to one week with 18 h of training. I was shattered at the end — and mad to even try. My goal now is to do three P90X a week which I think is about the right balance in season.

  2. Great work. I am getting my triathlon friends on P90X and Insanity.

    Are you a Beachbody Coach? If not, you should be. Go to http://www.BeachBodyCoach.com/wrkoutjorney and click on Coach to learn more. Feel free to contact me about it.

    Nice work on the Marathon time.

  3. Just came across your P90X story. Are you still doing the program, or are you focusing more on your running and triathelon training? Probably tough to do both with the time committment required for each.

    • Hi Chad. I’m now back into my base phase heading towards IM South Africa in April. You are right, hard to find time for P90X. So all I now aim for is to do the Plyometrics and Kenpo once a week as well as one Yoga-X. This will keep up some of the flexibility that I’ve developed, and I found Plyometrics and Kenpo to be the most fun.

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