Daily Archives: March 14, 2010

Tinbum Triathlon

IMG_0001 An annual event in Golden Bay where we have our cottage, I’ve never been around when the Tinbum triathlon race was held. This year the stars lined up for me this year so I was able to participate. It was also the first day of my taper towards Ironman Australia so what better way to start but with a small, local race.  Small and local yes, but like all other triathlons in the area very competitive … for some.

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World Naked Bike Ride Day: The (semi) Naked Triathlete

My last day of major training for Ironman Australia was another race rehearsal. The 180 km bike ride ended up at our cottage in Golden Bay and I then had a run along the waterfront. My timing was impeccable for the following day was Naked Bike Ride Day, and it was starting just a few kilometres from our cottage. My wife Lis suggested that our German/Canadian friend Anke and I do the ride and we were game—Lis declined on the excuse that someone needed to take the photos. Neither of us were exhibitionist enough to go fully naked, but we did keep our clothes to the minimum … But don’t read any further if you don’t like naked bodies!

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