Running – Yerevan River Route

Found a nice new running route in Yerevan Armenia. It was an 18+ km out and back with flat sections, hills and best of all, no traffic! Starting at Republic Square head towards the airport and the football stadium. As soon as you cross the bridge turn right and run down the road. You will find yourself on a tree lined avenue which continues next to the river for about 8 km.  After 5 km the road head up a hill; turn across the bridge instead and keep going. You will find a very nice hill for 1.5 km before the turnaround. A very nice run. I’ll upload the GPS track to




One response to “Running – Yerevan River Route

  1. Took this route several times when in Yerevan for 2 weeks (did about 80 kms in total). Instead of heading towards to airport across the bridge, it is better to use a 600m pedestrian tunnel in the end of Fountains park which ends right at the Hrazdan valley.
    Only bad thing about the Hrazdan river valley is that you run along metal pipes, a lot of rubbish littered in bushes and the river which sometimes smells bad. If running at night or early morning, get ready for harmless barking dogs. A plus is almost no trafic.

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