Running – Tbilisi Georgia’s Hills

I’ve always enjoyed running Tbilisi’s hills. It’s both a good workout and very scenic as well. It was great to be back in town again. I couldn’t sleep so at 05:15 I donned my gear and hit the road. I decided to do the long variation of the run which took 18.75 km door to door from the Radisson Hotel. It was a perfect morning so I grabbed a few photos as well.



The route goes along Rustaveli and then downhill to the old town past the Synagogue. At the bathes it starts climbing to the fortress and from there to the Mother of Georgia statue. Under the new monster house and then downhill before starting the climb again towards the communications tower. You wouldn’t know you are in Tbilisi from the surroundings.



It is a real lung bursting run with lots of stairs.  Just before the top the path forks off to the right. That is shortcut #1. It will take you down along the line of the funicular back to town for a total run distance of about 9 km. For a longer run, go to the top and turn left on the road. At 06:00 it is quite empty …


The climb continues for another kilometre then you are on a long downhill run.


At the major T intersection you can turn right and do an out and back run to add distance (and more hills) to the run. Be careful of the dogs you will find after about 3 km. I always pick up a few stones just in case. You are rewarded with great views of Tbilisi’s countryside from up here.


Be sure to run on the side of the road facing traffic as it can get a bit heavy if you are out later in the day. This morning I even encountered roaming cattle.


When you pass through the tunnel for the monstrous house you are at  shortcut #2. Go straight ahead and you will find yourself on Rustaveli street again for a run of about 15 km. I decided to tour the old city so turned right and ran past the Mother of Georgia again and the fortress down to the hot water baths.




Some steep sections so be careful with your knees. I then turned left and ran through the trendy restaurant area—although at 06:30 there was nobody there.





There is a new glass bridge across the river which I decided was worth exploring. Although I think it is wrong to put something so out of context in Old Tbilisi, it is actually quite impressive. Even did a self portrait 🙂



Across the river turned left and ran along the river, then turned at the third bridge to head up to the hotel and finish the run.




6 responses to “Running – Tbilisi Georgia’s Hills

  1. Hello! I am an avid runner who was thinking about going to teach English in Georgia next year. I tried searching on the internet for information about running in Georgia, but found very little information about Georgia, and almost none about running. Most particularly, I am trying to determine if it would be safe for me to go running alone in Georgia (I am a young, American woman), and how I could convince my mother that it was safe. The state department website says that crime is a major problem in the country, and I would really not like to mugged, kidnapped, or anything else.

    It looks so beautiful in all of the pictures! I would love to run there! Did you go for lots of runs in Georgia, or just this one as you were passing through?

  2. Hi. I’m french (sorry my english’s very very bad !!)and I’m JUST ARRIVED TO TBILISSI. I was marathon man when I was in France. I stopped to running since two years. I don’t know if you have found some information but I saw, it’s possible to run near lissi lake ( I walk every sunday alround this place). I’m 40years and I’m not serial killer !!!.

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