Running – Georgia’s Black Sea Coast

My fourth country in four weeks. Four more to go before this around the world jaunt is over and I’m back in Sydney. Today I found myself in Kobuleti, a Black Sea resort town north of Batumi. I had to inspect a tunnel project half way here from Tbilisi and decided to spend the weekend here rather than return to Tbilisi. Much cooler weather than Tbilisi, although for some reason I still had trouble with my run. Wish I could start firing on all cylinders.


The hotel is right on the beach so I went out the gate, turned left and started running. There was a nice promenade along the beach so it was flat—quite unlike the hills of Tbilisi!


As far as beaches go, nothing like the golden sands we have at home in New Zealand. Lots of rocks of different sizes. Even though it was mid-June, it was hot and a lot of people were sunbathing.


Not an overly exciting route. After 3+ km had to veer off since there was a river with no bridge. Ended up on a busy road and after a few more kilometres decided this was not fun so turned around. Stopped at a shop to buy some water—and put a puddle on their floor. The proprietor chuckled when I spoke English as the only other patron was a Turkish truck driver. Guess they don’t often get such a combination in the small shops.

Finished the run and was really hot so went down to the beach and had a swim. Water was perfect temperature. Nice to float in the sea again. And, in case you wondered, yes, the Black Sea is salty. Unfortunately my shoulder injury prevented me from doing many strokes, but it was nice to be in the water again. A major change from before I took up triathlons wherein swimming was a chore. I’ve decided to stay until Monday morning and then head back to Tbilisi. There is a road failure in the east of the country they want me to look at so it will be along day. Must make the most of this beautiful place while I’m here.


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