Running – Toronto’s Ravines

I grew up in Toronto and regularly visit DSC00934to see my parents. One of the pleasures of the area where they live is the excellent network of running/biking paths in the ravines around the Don River. Much of the area is parkland with forest  lined trails. It is possible to travel over 15 km with never having to be on a road with motorized vehicles. On a sunny day there are hordes of cyclists and roller bladers to deal with, who are very un-Canadian with their rudeness in passing without warning. But that’s another story …

I did a nice 17 km loop run one day as you can see from the map below. I followed the ravine trails from Edwards Gardens at York Mills and Lawrence Avenues, behind Sunnybrook Hospital, and then along the Don River to York University’s Glendon College. From there is was up the hill to the neighbourhood where I grew up. Then up to Muir Park which connects to the trails leading back to Sunnybrook, and home. The photos below shows the beauty of the un.







Hard to believe that this was in a city of some 4 million people, not far from downtown.

For Canada Day I decided to do a 20 km run. My original plan was to do an out and back south along the Don River towards Lake Ontario but when I got to km 10 I felt like pressing on so ran south towards the lake and then east to the Beaches area with its boardwalk.


Not only was it a national holiday, but it was about 23 degrees and sunny so everyone was out enjoying the day. There was a continuous stream of cyclists, many with the exceptionally white legs that one only finds in a country such as Canada with such long, bleak winters. It is understandable that when summer comes people make the most of it, and by the time I got to the beaches there was a solid phalanx of people enjoying the day. It was particularly touching to see the multicultural character of Toronto on display. Made my way up to Queen street and caught a taxi home.  Glad I didn’t do the out and back.


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