Gymboss Interval Timer

If there is one way to increase your fitness quickly it is through interval training. You go very fast for a time, and then after a short recovery, you do it over. And over. And over. Last night at our track workout I ran 8 x 800 m at 3:55 min/km pace, with a 200 m jog between. Intervals on bikes are often done with stationary trainers since that lets you focus on riding hard and not having to be interrupted by things like traffic signals. I’ve found the perfect timer for cyclists to use for interval training: the Gymboss Interval Timer. Only $US 20, it must have been designed by a cyclist. You input imagethe length of your interval, the length of your recovery, and the number of intervals you want to do. It does the rest. It even has a clip so you can attach it to your clothes. If you do cycling intervals check it out—you will be able to focus on your riding and not watching a clock.

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