Sufferfest – The Ultimate Cycling DVDs

It is quite a provocative mission statement: “I beat my ass today so I can kick yours tomorrow” but that is what the ‘Sufferfest’ videos claim ( Unlike other DVDs that I use (e.g. Coach Troy’s excellent Spinervals), the Sufferfest videos do not consist of a bunch of cyclists spinning. Rather, they have integrated actual race footage with very upbeat music into one challenging workout.  At only $11 a video they are a great investment. If you like suffering … How hard are they? Here is a pseudo-interview with the developer:

  • Interviewer: The Sufferfest videos are insanely entertaining and difficult. So difficult that you’ve been called ‘an assassin,’ you’ve been told that your customers hate you and that you’re ‘pure evil.’ How do you feel about that?
  • The Sufferfest: Thank you. We’re the only company that, when called evil, takes it a compliment. If ever anyone ever writes that our videos are ‘nice,’ we’re quitting.Interviewer: There are a few people that are talking about doing all four Sufferfest videos back-to-back. What do you think of that?
  • The Sufferfest: They’re sick. But, you know, really, deep inside….I’m proud of them.
  • This funny clip contrasts Sufferfest from others. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

    2 responses to “Sufferfest – The Ultimate Cycling DVDs

    1. Hello Chris

      Thanks for the conversation. I am greatful. I have checked my time for ironman nz 2010 it was 10.56 overall swim 1.05 -s 5.46 -b 3.54 – r . Hope you have a great week

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