Back to New Zealand – Running the Abel Tasman Park Trail


After 7 months in Sydney on 3 December I flew to New Zealand to join my wife Lis who has finally opened her Bed and Breakfast. She had some friends visiting and planned on taking them on the boat up to Abel Tasman Park. ‘It is a great opportunity for you to run the trail’ she said.  Although I hadn’t run more than about 15 km in recent times I figured why not. My coach had an ‘unstructured’ week in my training plan so I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t have.  A combination of jet lag and general exhaustion made the 30 km trail run a bit more difficult than it should have been, but I finished in 3:45 much to the surprise of Lis and her friends who had settled into a cafe for a drink. Was a brilliant day, not a brilliant run, but good to be back for a while (10 days to be precise!).

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