Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bicycle Number Twelve

Over dinner the other night a friend asked why does anyone need eleven bicycles. Good question … especially as I’m now up to number twelve. Of course a key consideration in having this many bicycles is an understanding wife: Lis says she would rather I have a bicycle in every port than a girl.

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Resting Heart Rates

Found this interesting table on resting heart rates for men here (for women the data are here). I’ve been doing these Buteyko breathing exercises to try and treat my asthma and as part of it we have to religiously record our heart rates. The good news is that I’m spot on where ‘Athletes’ should be for my age. Go figure. Never thought I would be better than ‘Awesome’ at anything! Then again, Lance Armstrong has an RHR of only 32 …


A low resting heart is considered to be healthy because the number of contractions are lower per minute and so the heart is managing to push out more blood with each contraction. This translates to more blood and oxygen being circulated in the body while there is less amount of workload on the heart.

Wearing Bicycle Helmets

As a triathlete I cycle a lot. I’ve crashed more times than I would like to admit – sometimes on my own, others when cars have done something unexpected. I’ve got several broken helmets hanging up as a reminder of those accidents. Some with broken Styrofoam, others with serious abrasions along the side where my head skidded along the road as I came to a stop. I always wear my helmet.

Mikael Colville-Andersen from Denmark (homeland of my wife Lis) has a thought provoking TED presentation on ‘Why We Shouldn’t Bike with a Helmet’.  While I question some of his statistics, the thrust of his argument is persuasive. Now I’m not about to stop wearing my helmet, but it has made me wonder if we have gone overboard with requiring helmets for everyone.

Check out the video – it is excellent – and the comments are almost as good!