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Tour Divide: The Gear List

In just over a week I’ll be somewhere south of Banff on my way to the US border. It’s quite the adventure and a very important consideration is the gear you will take with you. In fact most of the Tour Divide (TD) bloggers report that their their gear pages are by far the most visited. I can see why. As a self supported race you’ve got to carry everything with you and the more you have, thee harder it is to slog over the 4,418 km course. There are some like perennial champion Matt Lee who are the absolute minimalists: a sleeping bag and not much else, and then mere mortals like me who want to enjoy a few creature comforts: like rain gear.  After months of planning and running my credit card red hot this is what I’ll be racing with.

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Tour Divide–Weather Challenges

To want to ride your mountain bike in a 4,418 km raceimage along the Rocky Mountains attracts a certain type of person (a record 90 this year!) who generally have a high tolerance for risk and don’t worry about much. So when the riders are concerned about the weather—and it is two weeks until the race starts—you know that things must be bad. There will be snow, which is not unusual, but we are talking serious snowfall. At one point on the trail they have 2.5 m of it.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Bicycle Water Bottle Holders

A short post as I found this great site which has every possible permutation and combination of bicycle water bottle holders. Check if out if you want to have some unusual requirements.

Time for a Holiday: a 4,418 km Mountain Bike Race Beckons

This past year has been an extremely demanding one both on the work and personal fronts. I am in need of a major decompression and a serious mental  break. For some lying in a hammock on a tropical island would be an attraction, but not me. I’m too hyperactive for imagethat so in the past my solution was to go bicycle touring. As I considered my options one kept coming back as particularly attractive: racing the ‘Tour Divide’.  This is a self-supported mountain bike race from Banff Canada to Mexico along the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide.

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