Daily Archives: June 4, 2011

The Tour Divide: Change of Plans

Quite a people has asked what is it like to race the Tour Divide. There is the obvious, lots of mountains and mud, and this year SNOW, but also the not-so-obvious. One fellow put it succinctly on the TD board:

One year rained nearly every day, next year forest fire, another year a hell of a lot of snow, then perhaps a drought year, or not enough snow (water runoff), then there’s logistics, bike mechanicals, cars and potential head-on collisions at blind corners, people shootin’ guns in the woods as we ride by, thunderstorms, lightning, navigation, headwind, tailwind, dogs, bears, wildlife, saddle sores, swelling feet, numb hands, blistered lips, blistered palms, blistered everything, fallen trees, mud slides, darkness, sleep monsters, trail angels, call-ins, race rules, spot tracking, serendipity, stupidity, revelation, getting in touch with your heart of hearts, and the list goes on.

Sounds like a great holiday doesn’t it 🙂  Anyway, with the TD you just give it your best and bear in mind that only 1/3 of the starters actually finish. And that is in a typical year. This year with all the snow all the cards off the table.

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