Triathlon: A Contact Sport

For those considering taking up triathlon, the photo below from the newsletter captures the most intimidating part of the race: the swim. Depending on how you approach the swim you get bashed, bopped, kicked, pulled under, pushed aside … and that is in the first five minutes.  Of course you can always be like me and hang back with the slow swimmers (which I am) and avoid the melee. That is until you get to the turn buoy. In the end, you just accept that triathlon is a contact sport …

Triathlon Swim

One response to “Triathlon: A Contact Sport

  1. Exactly right!!!!! I try to tell the beginners about this. Just being equipped with that knowledge that is indeed a contact sport helps a ton in the swim, especially the start. Expect to get hit and kicked and it won’t leave you angry or upset when it does happen. Rolling with the punches, literally, can save your race!

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