Kiribati – Sufferlandia Again

Arrived in Kiribati and after checking in at the IMGP0296hotel went over to the New Zealand High Commission and retrieved my bike and trainer. Unfortunately, the High Commissioner Rob Kawai has been transferred to Hong Kong so I can no longer impose on his good will. Fortunately, we now have a World Bank office here so that will be the new home for my gear.

Tarawa is a very narrow island, with the highest point only 3 metres above sea level. The harsh maritime climate is taking its toll on my bike. The chain was seriously corroded and I was concerned I could salvage it, but after some heavy lubrication it spun perfectly.

I decided to  run through as many of the six one hour Sufferfest videos as I could. And just to make it more fun, on the weekend I would do the videos twice. In hindsight that was a bit too much suffering, even for me. I felt very sorry for the ladies who cleaned my room as even with the air conditioner on full bore I left quite the puddle under the bike.

Next stop is Fiji and Tuvalu where I don’t have a bike so will be nice to give my legs some time to recover after Sufferfest. What great training videos.


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