Outside Magazine’s Take on Ironman Kona

There is a brilliant magazine article at Outside Magazine on Ironman Kona. I love the way they observe … “the event is filled with unlikely apostles: mothers of young children, three-limbed amputees, octogenarians, all ticking Kona off their otherwise divergent bucket lists because of a fascination for what’s difficult. Because marathons have been ruined by people who think it’s fine to walk. Because life is too easy and Everest is too far away.”

The author is very observant: “The Ironman, in his elected habitat, is not hard to spot: he has a visor, shaved legs, no body fat, compression socks, very little clothing, maybe a tattoo of the World Triathlon Corporation’s copyright-protected M-dot logo. The Ironwoman—though in the vernacular, she too is an Ironman—is not a cougar, exactly, more like a cobra: ripped, sinewy, focused, sometimes hissing, “We can do whatever you need to do, honey, ­after my bike is racked.” Most arrive nearly a week early to acclimate and bask, turning Alii Drive into Burning Man for Type A++ folks, the ultimate active vacation for people who like their daily workouts detailed (3 hr bike, including 6×12 min @ 95+ RPM, HR zone 3), each training session captured, quantified, uploaded, and analyzed, all the better to achieve.”

Give it a read. Highly recommended to anyone interested in, or knowing someone doing, an Ironman race …


One response to “Outside Magazine’s Take on Ironman Kona

  1. “..styles of suffering are on display”
    That author has such a way with words. But, man, it sounds tough! Love the fact that 80yr olds were among the finishers.
    .. makes u realise its never too late to start…

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