Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

Climbing on the Tour Divide

One of the riders posted this calculation of the climbing we will try and do. I particularly like the fact that it is in metric. Climbing 53 km vertically sounds like a much rounder number than some 175,000 feet. Yes, the latter has the advantage of sounding much more dramatic, but 53 km is a number I can conceptualize. It’s big.

td  climbing

Tour Divide 2012 – The Gear List

I’ve finally assembled all the gear for this year’s attempt at the Tour Divide race. It is a source of endless discussion as to exactly how much you take on the ride. Kurt Refsnider, who won in 2011, has what I think is the singularly best view on what take. He tries to “strike a respectable balance between ultra light and well prepared.”

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