Tour Divide Literature

If you are interested in the Tour Divide there are some excellent books available giving you the flavour of the race, and the experiences riders have.

The best perspective is from the three volumes of the ‘Cordillera’ which are available from They are a collection of stories from different riders ranging from duffers like myself to serious athletes. The most amazing story is the finding of the bikes of Mike and Dan Moe in the Arctic. An added advantage to getting these excellent books are that part of the funds go towards a college education fund set up for the daughter of Dave Blumenthol who died while racing a few years ago.


The Cordillera

The Cordillera V3

Paul Howard’s book imageEat Sleep Ride’ is a well written story with self-deprecating British humour which means that he doesn’t take the race too seriously and makes the ride thoroughly enjoyable.  Some readers (particularly Americans) seemed not to appreciate his style. Pity.




Jill Homer has a quite different style and also an amazing story. Who on imageearth would consider tackling the Tour Divide after getting frostbite in their feet? Only someone particular hardy like Jill.





Ride the Divide

Finally, there is the documentary film ‘Ride the Divide’.  This has done more than anything to popularize the race. Absolutely brilliant.


2 responses to “Tour Divide Literature

  1. Well, I suppose I’m a little late commenting, but I just discovered your blog. I have to say, I’m an American, and I have only read one book on the Tour Divide, which was Paul Howard’s “Eat, Sleep, Ride” – and I absolutely loved it and have read it several times since purchasing it less than a year ago. Don’t be so quick to place all Americans in the same category! I’m hoping to race the TD in 2014. 🙂

    • Hi Rachel,

      Definitely agree that all Americans don’t fit into the same category. Especially ones who ride the Divide 🙂 You should read Jill Homer’s book which will be an inspiration – riding after getting frost bite! Even better, in a few weeks there should be the next version of the Cordillera which is on the 2012 race. I was fortunate to edit it and can say that there are some brilliant stories.

      All the best for 2014. Hopefully I’ll finish in 2013 otherwise may see you there!!!


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