The Triathlon Tribe

I was sitting in the US Airways Lounge at Washington National Airport. I noticed the fellow across from me was wearing some high end Nike running shoes with a Garmin footpad unit. On his arm was a Garmin Forerunner 410 watch.  All signs of a serious runner. When he put down his tablet I saw he was wearing a shirt from the ‘Beach to Battleship’ iron distance triathlon. As we chatted he said he was off to Maine for a race, but it was “only a marathon”.  How typical of the distorted view of reality that we can get of triathletes. It made me think of the comment in the video below that it says a lot about the sport when we call a 1 hour race a sprint …

My wife Lis says that triathletes (especially Ironman finishers) are a ‘tribe’. Not sure if I agree, but there is definitely a culture of triathletes and, as the video shows, we do have peculiarities. So while I may be a member of the tribe, at least I don’t have a tattoo so my membership is not so public!


By the way… This video is one of a series of videos by WTC available on their You Tube ‘Ironman’ channel. Check them out here. They provide fascinating insight into the thoughts of professional triathletes on the sport on topics such as pressure, fear, strength and dreams.


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