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Training Again …

Three weeks today I’m in theory racing the Auckland 70.3 half-Ironman. My training for the race has been less than ideal. First I blew myself up in Honiara running two weeks ago. Then last Sunday at the end of an 80 km ride I was knocked off my bike and smashed my shoulder. The road rash has largely healed but I’ve had a bit of a sore back and my shoulder is not very mobile. No swimming for now but managed two short runs and a 50 km ride this week.

I was feeling somewhat better today decided to do a long ride. Where we live there is an excellent 80 mile/128 km circuit over the Spooner mountain range and then along the Motueka river before returning along the coast. Managed to do it at just under race pace but my body has a bit of a way to go before I’m fully healed, or ready to race. Guess I’ll just have to recalibrate my goal for the Auckland 70.3 down even further. I never expected a stellar race, arriving from the USA 24 h before the start, but with such a sub-optimal preparation just finishing will have to be enough!


Navigating for the Tour Divide Race

There have been a few posts of late on the 2013 TDR race forum at on GPS tracking for the race. I thought I would share what I am going to be using for 2013 through a more detailed blog post.  Some context: I’m a Civil Engineer and one thing we are trained to do is risk mitigation and to have redundancy. So understand that as you read what follows.

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Running in Honiara

I had to spend a few days in Honiara to look at the potential for the World Bank assisting the government to improve aviation safety and security. It was my first time to the country and I found it to be quite fascinating. Very different to Kiribati and the Polynesian countries that I have been working in. And of course, very steeped in military history as it was here on Guadalcanal that the Americans managed to turn the tide of the war in the Pacific against the Japanese.

It was very very hot and so I decided to focus my training on swimming, even though the hotel’s pool was only 15 m long which made it tedious to say the least. To add insult to injury my Swim MP3 underwater MP3 player decided it was time to give up the ghost so I did not have the pleasure of music to distract me. Oh, and the water was not the cleanest either … one could not see more than 2-3 m away.  So after three days of swimming I was itching at the feet to go for a run. It was quite a memorable one, as I switched off my brain and blew myself up big time …

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