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2013 Tour Divide Preliminary Gear List

I had some quiet time over the Christmas/New Year holiday so I got together my gear for use when I (hopefully) ride the Tour Divide this June. The biggest changes from last year are:

  • I’ll be riding a 29’er this year. Another titanium Motobecane.
  • I went to the larger platform Shimano pedals—easier for riding with one foot through the snow.
  • I’m using a SON dynamo hub for power while I ride and also to power the main lights. Using a helmet mounted Fenix as the backup light.
  • Rather than wear a hydration pack I’ll have the 3 L bladder mounted to the handlebar harness using a Camelbak Unbottle. No bottles on the front forks to potentially damage the wheel when I crash. I’ll have a 1 L ‘Magnum’ water bottle mounted on the top tube in front of the seat post, and a 2 L bottle on down tube in front of the cranks.
  • While I list a lot of tools/parts, most fit into a small toolkit box 2” x 4” x 0.75”. I’ve included a Stein mini-cassette removal tool this year. I’ll probably take 3 x Allen keys rather than the multitool as that is all I really need.
  • I’ve added two of the Revelate Design ‘Mountain Feed Bags’ behind the handlebar harness to hold nibbles, water and my camera (smartphone).

Otherwise pretty much the same. My Paremo jacket worked great—especially on rainy days when I could put the hood up under my helmet and be very cozy and dry. Goretex socks are a must. The Ground Effects gear is simply the best.

My packing philosophy is:

  • Harness contains what I need to sleep at night. The sleeping kit is in a separate bag inside the harness dry bag. This harness bag is only opened at night.
  • The frame bag contains all my food, as well as key clothes to regulate temperature.
  • The seat bag is ‘deep storage’ for things I don’t need often.
  • The handlebar bag is for the things I need regular access to.

It is not the lightest kit – I’ll weigh the bike and kit in a few months once I finalize everything – but that’s because I know my limitations (cold and wet don’t work for me!).

Here is the full list.

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