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2013 Tour Divide

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for my third attempt at the Tour Divide. Two years ago bailed with asthma. Last year got 2,500 km into the race when my mother broke her hip and I had to withdraw to help her. So here is hoping that the saying ‘three times lucky’ applies to Tour Dividers.

A quick summary … the Tour Divide is a self-simageupported ‘time trial’ where you ride your bike 4,418 km from Banff to Mexico along the Rocky Mountains.  There is no outside support and the objective is to ride your bike as fast as you can to the Mexican border, never deviating more than one mile from the mapped course. There is a ‘Grand Depart’ from Banff at 08:00 on the second Friday in June, but you can ride it any time you like as long as you follow the rules. In fact Billy Rice from Texas is trying to set a record this year by being the first to ride from Mexico – Banff – Mexico. Yes, that is just under 9,000 km of continuous riding.

With just under a week to the race, time to update the blog … I’ve trained, my bike is ready, and I’m mentally ready for it.

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