Daily Archives: July 20, 2013

Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic Triathlon

I was in Toronto recovering from the Tour Divide mountain bike race. As I waded through my 600+ e-mails that had accumulated during the race I found an invitation to the ‘Toronto Triathlon Festival’.  I did the inaugural race last year and it was my second faster Olympic distance race.  What better way to recover from a 4, 418 km 22 day mountain bike race than with a triathlon? It was, after all, 15 days after the Tour Divide finish …

So I paid my fee, hopped in the pool a few times to remind myself how to swim, and did a few runs to get the legs working when they came into direct contact with the pavement.  At 06:00 on July 21st I was ready to race—sort of. Now even a total optimist like myself did not expect to do well in the race. Often, those are the most fun where you have absolutely no expectations so you can just have fun.  It was also a welcome distraction as we had my late father’s memorial service and interring of his ashes at 12:00. 


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