Your Fitness Age

My friend Mary Pickering pointed out a fascinating web site: which says that: Physical fitness is key to a long life and good health. Your body’s capacity to transport and use oxygen during exercise (VO2max) is the most precise measure of overall cardiovascular fitness. Based on the extensive research of The K. G. Jebsen Center of Exercise in Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, you can easily estimate your fitness level by answering a few question. You answer a series of questions and they estimate your fitness for your age.  By carefully considering the questions you can identify areas where perhaps lifestyle or dietary changes may make a difference, e.g. taking fish oil and Omega 3 supplements. It’s worth taking the test. Especially if you want stoke the ego of a middle-aged man!  This also shows it’s time to take a VO2max test again. In 2005 I scored 70.6 mL/kg/min, compared to my currently predicted 56!



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